Customs Clearance & Transport Insurance

It goes without saying that comprehensive logistics performance of HLS Germany includes proper execution of import/ export procedures and customs clearance. Our highly qualified personnel  will take care of all transport related formalities for you. Atlas, T1, ABD, MRN and fiscal duties are not foreign words to us.

We take care of all paperwork for you!

Do you need any transport insurance?

The liability of the forwarder / carrier on the grounds of cause and amount, limited and executed according to the law or General German Freight Forwarding Terms and Conditions (ADSp). Thus, for example there is no liability for an unavoidable event. And in case the liability is executed, its amount is usually limited in such a way that the shipper’s damage is not reimbursed at 100%. This risk is borne solely by the shipper.

Therefore, we recommend our customers to get cargo transport insurance. Thus, goods and supply chains can be efficiently insured, damages can be quickly and easily handled, and customer relationships will not be affected.

That is why cargo transport insurance is often vitally important.
Our staff will be delighted to inform you about  the details. You can totally rely on it!